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8 Reasons That Thousands of Local People Trust Provincial Hearing

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Proudly Independent

As an independently owned business, we are not tied to any manufacturers or large corporate structures that could prevent us from making the right decisions for our patients.

This ensures that you’re partnering with a passionate small business owner who only succeeds when you succeed!

Since we will be your partners for the long haul, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll work with the same person for life, rather than seeing a different face at every appointment or losing all the invaluable knowledge that only you and your provider have. This is a partnership

Partners With All Major Manufacturers

While many clinics choose to exclusively partner with one or two hearing aid manufacturers to take advantage of purchasing opportunities and cost savings, we choose to partner with all manufacturers. This ensures that our patients’ needs are prioritized and that we can source the right technology to suit their unique needs, circumstances, and budget.

As a result, you’re not limited and can make the right decision based on all available options.

Setting Benchmarks of Hearing Care Excellence.

Being at the forefront of our industry is incredibly important to us.

Our reputation has been built by being at the cutting edge of science, investing in the latest training and education, and ensuring that the people who trust us with their hearing healthcare receive the best possible expertise and outcomes.

Supporting the Community for Over 50 Years

This is our home.

With 50+ years of serving the people of Nova Scotia, and our team being located here, this is where we send our kids to school, where we buy our groceries, and where our heart is.

This community is our world. Through helping thousands of local people hear better, we aim to further enhance this community one person at a time.

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Trusted by Thousands of Local Families

Hearing loss rarely only impacts the individual; it is often felt by the people around them. With deep family-based values, we understand the importance of family and connecting with the people who matter.

With thousands of people trusting us as their hearing care professionals, it remains a great honour and privilege to impact the lives of thousands of families.

Trusted by Medical Professionals

With many local GPs trusting us, referring to us, and asking for our input on complex hearing-related cases, it’s an honour to be trusted by many local physicians and medical specialists.

Here for the Long Haul
With our young team, you can have confidence that we’re here to stay, ensuring we’ll be the only hearing care partners you’ll ever need. While many clinics come and go and other chains frequently sell or rotate their staff, we promise to be here for the long haul for you.
Great Pricing and Multiple Options

Although many people believe that the solution to a hearing challenge is simply great hearing technology, our experience tells us that the much more important component is great hearing care.

This experience and methodology allows us to understand exactly how to achieve the outcomes you’re looking for as quickly as possible, resulting in our pricing being far more competitive than most others.

With pricing options available to spread the investment or step into monthly plans, you have flexibility to make the right decision based on your circumstances, preferences, and budget.

See the Difference

Comparison chart showing Provincial Hearing compared to other hearing care options

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