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The Five Different Ways To Invest in Your Hearing Care

Although the world has drastically changed over the past 20 years, many hearing care clinics have not, and there still remains an industry expectation that the only way to invest in your hearing care is through the traditional model of paying entirely upfront.

At Provincial Hearing, we understand that paying upfront is not always possible, sometimes not preferable and could be the catalyst to further delaying the treatment of your hearing loss.

Hearing Aids in Hands

That’s why we have created five different ways that you can invest in your hearing care

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#1 - Layaway

Layaway allows you to make a down payment on your hearing aids, which then reserves your devices until you pay the remainder of the price in installments. After which, you then take possession of it.

This traditional and popular approach allows you to pay down your investment over time, at a speed to suit your unique circumstances, and then be fitted with your hearing aids once the balance has been fully settled.

#2 – Three Interest-Free Payments

A highly popular option that is unique to Provincial Hearing is our three split interest-free payments. This is where you can break your investment into three payments that are made over a 3-month period, allowing you to reduce the financial pressure and minimize any spread of the initial out-of-pocket investment.

Best of all, by using this approach, you’re fitted with your hearing aids following the initial payment, with the remaining payments being scheduled onto your credit card for the agreed dates.

#3 – Better Hearing for Life [Highly Popular]

In a world where many of us pay for most items via a monthly subscription fee, we wanted to bring the same opportunity to hearing care. That’s why we launched our unique Better Hearing 4 Life plan.

This is where you make a small down payment of $900 followed by a monthly subscription fee of $99. In exchange, you’re fitted with a pair of prescription hearing technology and receive our highest level of advanced service plan to maximize your long-term hearing. After three years, you’re then seamlessly upgraded to new hearing technology, or you can keep your existing hearing devices.

Best of all, there’s no third-party finance company or credit checks – this is an agreement and a handshake between you and us.

#4 – Finance Plans

If you prefer ultimate flexibility over your payments, then we partner with a trusted finance company to offer payment plans for up to five years.

Depending on the plan that you’re stepping into, and the number of years that you would like to split your payments across, you’ll be able to pay a small monthly fee to achieve our award-winning hearing care.

#5 – Out of Pocket

Many people still prefer to utilize the traditional approach of investing upfront for their hearing care and paying out of pocket.

This approach remains very popular.

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