Patient Stories

Mike McGillivray


“Absolutely Amazing Service.”

Hearing loss gradually diminishes many of the sounds around us. It happens so slowly over time that the missing sounds are not obvious until one’s hearing is restored with hearing aids.

This discovery completely amazed Mike and gave him a new lease on life. He says, “Oh the things I was missing by not hearing! The Provincial Hearing specialist fixed that.”

Recalling his experience, Mike says, “Carol gave absolutely amazing service, fully explained the new workings of my new hearing aids and provided fine tuning for my hearing aids as my brain got used to hearing the strange sounds of life around me that I have been missing for so long.”

Overall, Mike says he is “hugely pleased with Provincial Hearing.”

– Mike McGillivray

Al Cunningham's hearing success story with Provincial Hearing


“I feel like a younger person.”

Al was struggling with his hearing loss and decided it was time to seek help. He turned to Provincial Hearing for his care, and needless to say he is thrilled with the results.

Praising the care he received from his hearing instrument specialist, Brenda, Al shares, “This week, I received my two new hearing aids from the professional and very reliable lady Brenda.”

At his appointment, Al had the chance to explain his hearing challenges before taking a few simple hearing tests. His comprehensive hearing assessment resulted in him being fitted for hearing aids.

Although it is still the early days, Al says he is adjusting well to his new devices. He notes, “Brenda made this transition very simple and indicated she will call me in a few days to ascertain how the new parts in my ears are working.”

Al concludes, “I truly like dealing with Brenda, as she makes my hearing sufficient, and I feel like a younger person once again in my life. Your business is professional, and I cannot express my appreciation with the company more than ever to my friend.”

– Al Cunningham

Janice Mackinley's hearing success story with Provincial Hearing


“I always recommend Provincial Hearing.”

Hearing loss has been a part of Janice’s life since childhood. However, it took many years before it was actually pinpointed as the reason for some of her behaviour in her early years.

Janice says, “As a young child, I didn’t like being around a lot of confusion. For example, when family would visit, having a few more people in the house talking, etc. would be too much for me. I would always go outside in the open space and they would be wondering where I went. I didn’t know at the time why I felt that way and it wouldn’t be until my late thirties that I finally had a hearing test that my significant hearing loss was confirmed.”

Prior to visiting Provincial Hearing, Janice didn’t have any worries or concerns. Instead, she was hopeful.

“I just wanted to be able to hear like everyone else,” she says. “I didn’t care what the hearing aid would look like, I just wanted to be able to hear without constantly asking people again and again what they said.”

Janice recalls that everyone at Provincial Hearing was “very professional and seemed to really care about helping.”

Once fitted with hearing aids, she was amazed at their impact on her daily life. Janice explains, “Hearing aids have changed how I live my life tenfold. I work in office environments, dealing with the public in person and on the phone, which even with hearing aids can still be a challenge, but without them, I know for a fact I wouldn’t be able to do my job.”

Helping Janice immensely, her hearing aids have become a part of who she is. “I have never been embarrassed about my hearing aids, actually quite the opposite,” Janice says. “It is a part of my life and I consider myself blessed that we have the technology to give the gift of hearing to those who need it.”

Giving Provincial Hearing a 10/10 rating, she encourages others to get their hearing tested. Janice says, “I have this discussion more than what you would think, most likely due to my age and the age of those around me, but I always encourage anyone who may suspect hearing difficulties in themselves or someone in their life to get tested, because if in fact they need some type of hearing device, it will change their life for the better. I always recommend Provincial Hearing.”

– Janice McKinley

Rowenas's hearing success story with Provincial Hearing


“I felt empathy.”

Hearing loss can take its toll on a person’s well-being. Left untreated, it can lead to anxiety, depression or as Rowena simply says, “I felt inferior.”

Upon visiting Provincial Hearing, she says the team was “caring” and her new hearing aids did make an improvement to her life, although she admits that they “helped me, but at first I didn’t want anyone to know.”

Giving Provincial Hearing a 10/10 rating, she encourages others to make an appointment, saying, “From the minute I walked in the door, I felt empathy and caring.”

– Rowena

Gary Perrin's hearing success story with Provincial Hearing


“I can hear my wife better.”

Asking others to repeat themselves can get tiring and frustrating.

Gary was very familiar with this and notes his biggest concern about his hearing loss was, “I was saying ‘What?’ too many times to my wife.”

Following a visit to Provincial Hearing where his hearing was comprehensively tested, Gary was fitted for hearing aids.

He loves the difference his devices have made to his life – particularly his marriage. Gary explains, “I can hear my wife better, so I won’t be saying ‘What did you say?’ too many times.”

Rating Provincial Hearing a 10/10, he says they do “good work.”

– Gary Perrin

Harriet Elaine's hearing success story with Provincial Hearing


“Make an appointment.”

Harriet has had hearing challenges for several decades and knows the importance of keeping your hearing up to date with special care and technology.

She says, “I used to have ear aches and go deaf. I haven’t been able to hear 100% since. When I carried my second child in 1967, I got tinnitus, which haunted me daily. I have been wearing a hearing aid in the last number of years and have worn out two hearing aids.”

Harriet notes that she had been thinking of calling Provincial Hearing for an appointment and when she did, it was all good. She says she was “very impressed by their friendliness and the good prices. I decided right then that when I needed a new one, I would get it from Provincial Hearing, for all we live is an hour away.”

Grateful for her hearing aids, Harriet says, “They help me to hear when I need to and I can take it out if the great grandchildren are too loud.”

Giving Provincial Hearing a 10/10 rating, she doesn’t hesitate to advise others to “make an appointment.”

– Harriet Elaine Jenereaux

Barrie Marshall's hearing success story with Provincial Hearing


“They have the latest technology so you can get the best results.”

Barrie’s hearing was letting him down when he needed to hear well the most.

He recalls, “I felt frustrated and angry at times, as I couldn’t hear, especially in a crowd. I couldn’t hear the sounds I needed to hear when I was hunting.”

Prior to visiting Provincial Hearing, Barrie says, “I worried about the cost. I didn’t really have any other fears. I just knew I needed help.”

Help is what he found at his first appointment. “I was impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the technician,” explains Barrie.

These days, hearing clearly is much more effortless for him. Barrie says his new hearing aids “have made me more confident socially. I now can tell where sound is coming from since I have had 2 hearing aids. I am more alert because I now can take part in conversations.”

When asked what words of wisdom he’d give to potential patients, Barrie says, “I would tell them that it was the best thing I ever did for myself. The staff at Provincial Hearing is caring and knowledgeable and they have the latest technology so you can get the best results.”

– Barrie Marshall

Brian Hansen's hearing success story with Provincial Hearing


“I felt like they cared.”

Brian became aware of his hearing loss when he could no longer “make out conversations” and he found himself “missing what was said.”

He didn’t have any major concerns prior to visiting Provincial Hearing. He just wanted to find some help. Indeed, that is what he found.

Brian recalls that the team was “very helpful and concerned with my hearing loss. I felt like they cared.”

His new hearing aids enable him to “participate in conversation and watch TV without the volume being uncomfortable for others in the room.”

Giving Provincial Hearing a 10/10 rating, Brian encourages others to “go for it.” He adds, “You won’t regret it.”

– Brian Hansen

Bernadette MacDonald's hearing success story with Provincial Hearing


“The people are friendly, kind and knowledgeable.”

Bernadette’s hearing loss became noticeable many years ago.

“I was very young when I had hearing loss,” she says. “Social interaction became unbearable due to not understanding what was being said around me. I waited 20 years to get hearing aids. I have had two different styles. In ear models and behind the ear. I prefer the latter, as it is less noticeable.”

Prior to visiting Provincial Hearing, Bernadette says, “My concern was not being able to afford such expensive aids.”

However, she quickly felt at ease during her appointment. “The people, especially Kathy, are friendly, kind and knowledgeable,” she says. Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, Bernadette was fitted with the latest hearing devices.

“I am able to be in social situations better. I can hear important information when at appointments or even in a fast food drive through,” she explains.

Bernadette hopes prospective patients will take the first step and give Provincial Hearing a try. “Get your hearing checked. Find out if there is a solvable solution .”

– Bernadette MacDonald

Helen Fortune's hearing success story with Provincial Hearing


“The gift of hearing is amazing.”

Helen became aware of her hearing loss when she was in her 20s. As time went on, her world became smaller and smaller.

She recalls, “I found myself reading lips more and more and asking people to repeat themselves. It was embarrassing, so I often didn’t have conversations with others because I felt a little lost during conversations.”

When Helen decided to have her hearing loss professionally treated, one concern remained. “I cannot stand to have anything in my ears, such as noise blockers or earphones, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand wearing hearing aids, but it is surprisingly easy to get used to wearing them,” she says.

Remembering her first appointment at Provincial Hearing, Helen says, “I was nervous, but everyone was so friendly and they spoke loud and clearly. I felt at ease.”

Following getting fitted for hearing aids, Helen’s life changed for the better. “It was so amazing the first time I put the hearing aids in. My husband was far away with his back to me and he quietly said ‘I love you’ to see if I could hear him. I did, and I cried. It was such an emotional moment and I will never forget the feeling of hearing his voice so clearly,” she recounts.

Helen encourages others to reconnect to their world by making an appointment. “Provincial Hearing changed my life. They went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable with the whole process,” she says. “The gift of hearing is amazing. You don’t quite realize how huge of an impact it has on you and your life until that moment when you can hear clearly.”

– Helen Fortune

Gregory Hodges' hearing success story with Provincial Hearing


“Do yourself a favour and talk to people who know the problems firsthand and can help.”

Gregory’s conversations were developing a pattern, and he knew it was something he had to change.

“My friends and family members were constantly being asked to repeat something because I never seemed to hear them the first time,” Gregory explains. “They got tired of me asking ‘WHAT?’ all the time.”

Prior to visiting Provincial Hearing, Gregory had a few concerns “about the cost and inconvenience of paying for and wearing hearing aids.”

However, he found the team to be “friendly” and says they were “patient in answering my many questions and empathetic in my concerns.”

Gregory is now enjoying his better hearing, particularly “hearing things the ‘first time’” and “clearer communications and discernment.” He says he is also experiencing “less frustration in struggling to hear all the time.”

Pleased with his results, he advises others, “If you genuinely think this is a problem and concern, do yourself a favour and talk to people who know the problems firsthand and can help.”

– Gregory Hodges

Ferne Jolllimore's hearing success story with Provincial Hearing


“Great company with good people!”

It’s been many years since Ferne sought treatment for her hearing loss – so long ago that she can’t remember exactly when, but she says, “I just knew that I needed to get help!”

Ferne didn’t have any concerns at the time, saying, “My dad had worn hearing aids for a long time, so I was used to them! I think my first hearing aid was from another company, but I then switched over to Provincial because my parents were using them!”

She is grateful for her hearing aids and the difference they made to her life. “It allowed me to work well into my seventies, and now while retired, it allows me to hear conversations, etc. that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to hear!” Ferne explains.

She encourages others, “Go for it – they will make your life so much better! Great company with good people!”

– Ferne Jolllimore

Carol's hearing success story with Provincial Hearing


“Just try it and see.”

Initially, Carol thought people were just messing around with her.

She recalls, “My family and co-workers were telling me that I didn’t hear things they said. At first, I thought they were being funny and teasing me.”

Once Carol realized her hearing loss was no laughing matter, she decided to visit Provincial Hearing, even though she was concerned about “having to wear big contraptions in my ears.”

Recalling her first appointment, she says, “The first thing that stuck with me was the gal fitting me also had hearing aids and knew her stuff.”

As a hearing aid wearer, Carol says, “I am not missing things people are saying to me. They [hearing aids] were especially helpful during the pandemic when everyone had masks on. It was hard enough, but I couldn’t imagine if I hadn’t had them.”

She hopes others won’t continue to put off a hearing assessment. “It doesn’t hurt to have a hearing test,” says Carol. “Just try it and see.”

– Carol A.

Rick Drover's hearing success story with Provincial Hearing


“This is the best I’ve felt in 40 years.”

Rick is grateful to Provincial Hearing for supplying and adjusting his new Starkey ITE hearing aids. He has been using hearing aids for the last 40 years and considers these the best he has ever had!

A serious accident 40 years ago damaged his left ear and caused continuous loud ringing. The hearing aid on that side was mostly used to drown out some of the irritating ringing. The hearing technicians always kept the adjustment well below the suggested limits. Back in those days, they were afraid that a higher sound would damage his eardrum. Feedback also limited how high the left aid could be adjusted. Rick was grateful to at least hear with his right ear.

He felt that he was listening through a hole in a wall with his right ear while trying to ignore the loud ringing in the left ear. It was all monotone with no sound dimensions. This was very frustrating in a crowd. He was not able to clearly hear conversations on his left, so he would try to position himself to hear better. That was not always possible because people usually move around while talking.

He spent most of the time guessing what others were saying and often misunderstood them. After many embarrassing situations, he gradually got into the habit of avoiding conversations. Riding in vehicles presented a special challenge. It was ok while he was in the driver’s seat or behind it, but sitting on the right-hand side of a vehicle isolated him from being involved in conversations. He didn’t like having to say “What?” “Could you repeat that?” etc.

Last year, one of our hearing instrument technicians was willing to raise the hearing level closer to the recommended ceiling in his left hearing aid. What a difference that made! He could really hear again. She suggested that he consult an audiologist to see if anything else could be done.

Earlier this year, Rick’s hearing was tested, and it was found that his left ear could tolerate a higher sound level. It was recommended to raise the hearing aid level in his left ear to match that of his right ear.

Annette Cross then introduced him to the new Starkey smartphone Bluetooth ITE hearing aids. He is so glad she adjusted his left hearing aid to balance the sound in both ears. This adjustment and his new Starkey hearing aids have changed his whole attitude about living!

He appreciates her going out of her way to make sure the hearing aids included the loop pickup coil. This was very important to him because years ago he wired a sound loop system into the floor joists of his home and connected it to his upstairs computer and basement treadmill sound-system. He uses this loop system practically every day. Annette told him that to accommodate this option with the smartphone and TV Bluetooth accessories, it required a bigger in-the-ear hearing design. But that was good because it seems to have reduced the feed-back problems.

All of this has affected Rick emotionally. It has brought him back to his youth. He remembers walking by the side of a rippling brook and enjoying the clear, crisp sound of the water on his right while hearing the birds chirping on his left. The whole world seemed to be alive and talking to him. We all take things for granted until we lose something valuable. But now, he is elated to enjoy those sounds again! His mind tracks these little birds chirping as they flutter from tree to tree. He can even tell if they are flying toward or away from him.

He hears his own footsteps. The ringing in his head seems to disappear as he enjoys this experience. This has happened because the synchronized sound levels in both ears are giving him glorious stereophonic information. Hearing aid technology has advanced to a much higher level. The Thrive Hearing Control App is a pleasure to use. He can “tweak” the levels in the hearing aids to accommodate loud, low, mixed and noisy sound environments.

The Starkey Hearing Technologies TV streaming has changed his life. The TOSLINK fiber optics cable gives him outstanding stereo sound right from his LG 70UQ9000 TV (using Dolby Digital fiber output). It’s like hearing in 3D! He can distinguish the different sounds coming from the left, middle and right. If someone speaks as they enter the scene, his hearing picks them up from the left or right even before they are visible. He can close his eyes and picture the location of the musical instruments in a band as they play on stage. These hearing aids make the sound so clear that he can detect if it is coming from the front or back of the group. The singer’s mood and attitude are more discernable by his tone and sound level!

As a retired communications technologist, Rick appreciates good quality sound. These days, an average TV provides good quality sound. This depends on how much the TV channels spend on their HD equipment and the quality of the movies, documents, etc. that they use. He finds himself rating the programs as well as the TV channels on their sound presentations!

Each day is full of new sound discoveries. There are two things Rick looks forward to having in the future. (1) The ability to answer and hang up his smartphone from one of his hearing aids without having to even touch his smartphone. (2) Being able to quickly switch one of the hearing aids to hear sound along side of him while leaving the other one still listening to the TV streaming, sound loop or telephone. That way, he would be able to hear his wife sitting next to him without having to stop the other sound source.

Rick looks forward every day to putting on his new hearing aids. He says, “Truly, this is the best I have felt in the last 40 years! Thank you, Annette, and thank you, Provincial Hearing!”

– Rick Drover

Paul Rober hearing success story with Provincial Hearing


“I’m incredibly thrilled with my new hearing aids!”

I’m incredibly thrilled with my new hearing aids! Thanks to them, I can now hear crystal clear during phone calls, and I absolutely love the flexibility of being able to adjust the volume as needed. These hearing aids are simply fantastic!

– Paul Rober


“Top notch service​”

Douglas recently visited Provincial Hearing for his hearing care. He took a moment to share how delighted he is with the service he received and his new hearing aids.

Douglas says, “I am a veteran and have been fortunate to receive service from Provincial Hearing in Kentville, NS.

“Annette Cross and her team have provided me with top notch service from the day I entered her business.”

Thrilled with his new hearing aids, Douglas continues, “Lately, I received new hearing aids (Starkey Genesis Al), and they are absolutely fantastic, especially with the different programs.”

He concludes, “Well done to Starkey and once again also to Annette Cross and her staff.”

Thank you, Douglas for your positive feedback. Enjoy your new hearing aids and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

– Douglas Moore


“Provincial Hearing Gave Me Back My Quality Of Life”

What can I say..Your professional staff are so friendly and as well very helpful. I am very pleased I selected your company and I have never looked back on the quality of the second hearing aid that I currently wear.

The best words to describe ( you gave me back my quality of life) Thank you and so much. I tell all of my friends who are suffering from hearing lost.

– Al Cunningham


“Carol Earned My Full Trust”

Four months ago while leaving a hotel elevator in Sudbury my son turned to me to say, “Dad you have to get a hearing test.”

The following week after returning home to Truro I presented myself to Kathy the receptionist at Provincial Hearing on Prince Street a facility I had come to trust from two previous visits over the last number of years.

I was promptly scheduled to be tested by their audiologist Carol who I would be meeting for the first time.

Carol immediately reduced any anxiety I may have shown by her natural demeanor, so fitting for responding to clients in a health providing industry – cordial, confident, professional, and competent (the latter as was so well illustrated as she took me through the various stages of the test).

It wasn’t long before Carol had earned my full trust as the person I wanted to partner with to correct my hearing deficits that had over time grown to be profound in some areas.

I was not an easy client.

She was not an easily discouraged practitioner and strove to meet the challenges I presented.

Never once did I sense Carol was after a sale, but rather I saw the determination she so possessed to correct the ills to the satisfaction of her client.

I want to emphasize – this was not “a test, analyse, prescribe, deliver a hearing device and go on your merry way exercise.
Instead, a relationship was established, such that as a client I very assuredly know that as my hearing loses inevitably worsen ( and therefore more needs) I can with full confidence access not only Carol , but also her associates at Provincial Hearing knowing that help is near.

A very grateful client

– Bill


“My experience was very positive.”

Carol became aware of her hearing loss many years ago. But as time passed, she says it “became harder to accept when family noted my not being able to hear them.”

Choosing to visit Provincial Hearing was an easy decision for Carol, as she knew some of the staff and they were recommended to her. Carol says, “Annette helped a lady I worked with. Annette was very respectful with her.”

At Carol’s appointment, her hearing was comprehensively tested and hearing aids were prescribed.

The result is amazing. Carol says, “I can hear things I never realised made a noise before.”

When asked what advice she would give to other prospective patients, Carol says, “I would say go. My experience was very positive.”

– Carol Doran


“It is life changing.”

Tina knew she had a hearing loss. However, she didn’t realize just how much her hearing had deteriorated.

She recalls, “I was devastated and shocked that it was so bad.” Futhermore, prior to visiting Provincial Hearing, Tina admits, “I was scared to learn how bad my hearing actually was.”

Her first impressions were all positive and she thought the office was “comfortable and friendly.”

Now, her hearing concerns are buried in the past. Speaking about her new hearing aids, Tina says, “It is life changing. It’s the most amazing feeling to hear well what everyone else hears.”

Reassuring others in a similar situation, Tina advises, “Go and don’t be afraid. It will truly change your life.”

– Tina


“Have your hearing tested sooner rather than later.”

When hearing becomes difficult, it is easy to blame others rather than admit you have a problem.

Cathy experienced this firsthand. She says, “I felt people were mumbling when speaking. It was frustrating because I did not think it could be my hearing. The problem was with the other person. I also had to ask people to repeat what they were saying.”

Upon visiting Provincial Hearing, Cathy recalls that everyone was “friendly and knowledgeable.” She adds, “As this was my first hearing test, there were many questions to ask and information to process.”

Now, Cathy is grateful for the improvement hearing aids have made to her life. “They have certainly enabled me to join in on conversations that otherwise I would have missed out on,” she says.

Cathy also admits adjusting to her devices had its challenges. “Hearing aids are not as good as having your own good hearing. This was something I had a bit of a hard time accepting. I also was somewhat embarrassed to wear them when I didn’t consider myself old.”

Nevertheless, Cathy rates Provincial Hearing a 9/10 and advises others, “Have your hearing tested sooner rather than later. Consider all your options. They are expensive items especially if you are retired and on a fixed income or do not have insurance coverage to help with the cost.”

– Cathy de Rome


“I was shocked at how much I could hear.”

Robert’s hearing loss was affecting his social life.

Although his hearing gradually worsened over the years, it was now at the point where he says, “I didn’t want to go out in public where there were people asking questions or groups of people.”

Prior to his appointment at Provincial Hearing, Robert was a bit skeptical. He wondered, “Was it going to make a difference?”

Following his hearing assessment and being fitted for hearing aids, Robert was able to answer his own question. He says, “I was shocked at how much I could hear when they put hearing aids in and how much I was missing out on.”

Rating Provincial Hearing a 10/10, he urges others, “Go for it. It will make a difference.”

– Robert Weagle


“I didn’t realize how much I had been missing.”

Sandi’s hearing loss was affecting her in more ways than one.

She recalls, “I was missing conversations, having to ask people to repeat themselves, not able to hear music clearly or watch TV without increasing the volume considerably.”

Yet at the same time, she had concerns about what to do next and the type of treatment she’d receive. “My concern was missing something important to me and staying home more because it was easier. I was concerned with what I was going to be told about my hearing and what would I have to get. Something really obvious and what about the cost?”

Despite her uncertainties, Sandi made an appointment at Provincial Hearing where she found herself in good hands. She says, “I was pleased … made to feel comfortable and reassured that my issue would be taken care of.”

Now, life with hearing aids couldn’t be better. Sandi shares, “It’s incredible what a difference they have made. Firstly, I didn’t realize how much I had been missing and now wasn’t.” She adds that she is also impressed with “the size and ease of the hearing aids to wear and use.”

Giving Provincial Hearing a 9/10 rating, she encourages others, “Get tested … and trust in the professionals. They really know what they are doing and will do their best for you.”

– Sandra (Sandi) Hebb


“From day one, your service has been a 10.”

Ardythe was 51 years old when she got her first hearing aids, but the emotions from that moment 30 years ago are still fresh to her.

She recalls at the time being concerned about the cost. “I expect it was the cost that upset me the most and knowing I needed to take from Peter to pay Paul. However, it was good to hear on the phone again.”

Over the years, her hearing aids have helped Ardythe tremendously. “Without my hearing aids, I would not have any social interaction,” she points out. “I would feel lost.”

Although her hearing journey didn’t begin at Provincial Hearing, she trusts them completely for her hearing care today. Ardythe says, “I would recommend you because from day one, your service has been a 10.”

– Ardythe O’Leary


“Go sooner than later.”

Hearing loss can make people feel isolated.

Charlene knows this all too well. She says with her hearing loss she “felt old and concerned I couldn’t contribute to conversations.”

At her first appointment with Provincial Hearing, Charlene had a comprehensive hearing test and she discussed her hearing concerns and challenges with a professional hearing specialist. Hearing aids were prescribed, tailored specifically for her needs and lifestyle.

Charlene is pleased with her new devices, noting that they’ve helped her “in social settings.”

She encourages others to give Provincial Hearing a try, adding, “Go sooner than later.”

– Charlene


“Don’t wait any longer.”

Communication was proving difficult for Cleophas and he knew it was time for a change.

He recalls, “My biggest concern consisted in not being able to understand a lot of words because I could not hear the words.”

Prior to visiting Provincial Hearing, Cleophas says, “I had no fears. A friend told me about Provincial Hearing, so I felt okay to consult them. I felt very welcome when I first visited their office. Very nice staff.”

Now with his hearing aids, he says, “I feel more comfortable. When I was in a group, it was easier for me to communicate with people because I could hear them better.”

Satisfied with his experience at Provincial Hearing, Cleophas advises others to “go for it and don’t wait any longer.”

– Cleophas D’Eon


“Friendly atmosphere.”

Glyn’s hearing loss became apparent one day at work.

“I worked in an office and colleagues were talking and I couldn’t hear properly what they were saying, and they weren’t whispering. I ignored it and wasn’t too concerned,” recalls Glyn.

Nevertheless, Glyn made an appointment at Provincial Hearing, and prior to that first appointment there were some concerns after all, including “the fact that I might have to wear hearing aids for the rest of my life and that my hearing would only get worse.”

Glyn was impressed with the “friendly atmosphere where chocolate chip cookies greeted you.”

Now, as a hearing aid wearer, Glyn is enjoying life and mingling in crowds once again. Glyn says, “On a one to one conversation, I take more notice of what’s being said. My biggest asset wearing aids is in crowds or markets. I can hear individuals and shut down crowd background noise.”

Glyn offers this advice to anyone in a similar situation: “Go for it, most of us are in denial when it comes to our hearing. At least with aids you will be able to confirm that nobody notices them, only you.”

– Glyn Jones


“Consider going to Provincial Hearing.”

Helen’s hearing was gradually getting worse. When she decided to book an appointment at Provincial Hearing, she did so without any qualms whatsoever, following in the footsteps of her aunt who already was a patient of theirs.

She recalls that the team made her feel “comfortable” and soon Helen was on her way to wearing hearing aids.

Now, Helen says she is “able to hear much better with them” and gives Provincial Hearing a 10/10 rating. She advises others to “consider going to Provincial Hearing.”

– Helen Thompson


“You will be pleasantly surprised.”

Bonnie became aware of her hearing loss “when I realized I missed half of what my youngest grandson said to me! He speaks so low and soft.”

Not wanting to miss out on any more precious moments, Bonnie made an appointment at Provincial Hearing without any hesitation. “I knew I needed help to hear clearly and stop guessing what people were saying,” she says. Plus the fact that she already knew Annette influenced her decision. “I have known Annette for years and she always cared for people, and I had also heard how well they treated people with respect and dignity,” she adds.

Bonnie recalls at her first appointment, “I was greeted by a very pleasant and outgoing receptionist.”

Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, Bonnie was fitted with hearing aids.

She is thrilled with the results. “I wear my hearing aids 10-12 hrs. a day and don’t worry about not being able to hear people talking, birds singing and noises around me,” she explains.

Bonnie encourages others to visit Provincial Hearing, along with this advice: “Get tested, it doesn’t hurt. Tell the truth in all steps of the testing and please wear your hearing aids all day and not only when it tickles your fancy. I would also recommend the aids that are rechargeable. Don’t let cost hold you back! I am very happy with Provincial Hearing and know they will get me in as quick as they can and correct any hearing problems I have. Go get tested, you will be pleasantly surprised!”

– Bonnie Ellis


“Go get hearing aids.”

When Gladys found herself struggling to hear, she decided to do something about it and made an appointment at Provincial Hearing.

Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, she was prescribed with hearing aids.

Gladys rates her experience at Provincial Hearing a 10/10 and says, “Now I can hear what someone is saying to me.” Without hesitation she advises others to “go get hearing aids.”

– Gladys Mingo


“Don’t wait to get tested.”

Darrell became concerned about his hearing when he started with tinnitus.

He admits he was worried that “I was going deaf.”

Upon visiting Provincial Hearing, he found the office to be “very nice and relaxing.”

Better yet, his new hearing aids have helped him tremendously. Darrell notes that he is “starting to hear more sounds than what I was hearing.”

Pleased with his experience at Provincial Hearing, Darrell says, “Don’t wait to get tested.”

– Darrell


“The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.”

Duncan’s hearing became damaged while doing something he loves – playing music in his band.

He recalls, “I was playing at a fundraiser in the community and someone turned the sound system up to very loud and I heard something pop in my right ear and so that was the start of it. I was sitting very close to one of the speakers.”

A visit to Provincial Hearing was his first choice. “I was familiar with the staff, so I had a lot of faith in them,” he says. “I was hoping that it was just temporary and that I’d be told that in time it, my hearing, would be back to normal.”

Unfortunately, Duncan’s hearing did not return to normal and he was prescribed with hearing aids. “I now rely on them on a daily basis, especially on days I play with the two bands I play with,” he says.

Giving Provincial Hearing a 9/10 rating, Duncan encourages others to visit for their hearing care. He says, “They should feel comfortable in the process because the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.”

– Duncan MacLeod


“I can certainly hear better.”

Robert has struggled with his hearing for nearly all his life. It was only just over a year ago when he got fitted for his first hearing aids.

He explains, “I have been deaf in my left ear since childhood. I have had a few hearing tests in the past ten years, but hearing aids were out of my price range. There came a time when I could not hear the television very good and I was also asking people what they had said to me. So I bit the bullet and had enough cash for a deposit for a trial run, which gave me time to save to pay the rest after my trial run was done. This was over a year ago now.”

Nevertheless, his first impressions of Provincial Hearing remain crystal clear.

“The girl I saw was Lindsey and she was very good. Put me at ease straight away, as she was deaf in one of her ears also. She does not work there anymore, as she moved away.”

Although Robert notices a significant difference in his hearing, he hasn’t been able to experience all the benefits of his devices due to the pandemic. “I can certainly hear better, but as for impacting my life, I really don’t know yet,” he says. “Because of covid, I don’t go out very much and I don’t have any visitors.”

Rating Provincial Hearing a 10/10, he encourages others, “Give them a try. I did and was amazed at the difference a hearing aid can make.”

– Robert McAleer


“Don’t hesitate.”

J’s well-being was being tested, thanks to his hearing issues.

He recalls his “tinnitus became more annoying” and “family and friends were tired of repeating themselves to me.”

J made an appointment at Provincial Hearing longing for some relief. Following a conversation about his hearing issues, lifestyle and a comprehensive hearing assessment, J was fitted with hearing aids accordingly.

He has noticed a huge difference in his hearing, saying his new hearing aids have “brought the spoken world back in focus.”

J encourages others to make an appointment with Provincial Hearing. “Don’t hesitate,” he concludes.

– J Brad D.


“Friendly and accommodating.”

Carolyn doesn’t remember exactly when she noticed she had a hearing loss but says, “It was gradual.”

She visited Provincial Hearing without any reservations and says the team was “friendly and accommodating.” Following a conversation and a comprehensive hearing assessment, Carolyn was fitted with hearing aids.

Her hearing has since improved. “Now I feel I can ask people to speak up when I can’t hear them with my hearing aids. I now think they are speaking just too low.”

Rating Provincial Hearing a 10/10, she advises potential patients, “Don’t hesitate. The sooner you have your hearing aids, the sooner you will get use to them. Now I even forget they are in my ears.”

– Carolyn Dumbrille


“Always a very friendly atmosphere.”

Arlene noticed she was having difficulty following conversations. “I knew I was not hearing as well as I used to, was missing parts of the conversations,” she recalls. Not having any major concerns, Arlene says she simply “knew I needed to have my hearing checked.”

Her first impressions of Provincial Hearing were positive. Arlene especially appreciated the “very friendly and knowledgeable staff.” She says, “I found everything was well explained to me about my hearing and hearing aids.”

Giving Provincial Hearing a 10/10 rating, Arlene says, “I am certainly able to hear much better and as a result, I can participate more readily in conversations. Would recommend them. Always a very friendly atmosphere.”

– Arlene Fisher


“It can change your life in so many good ways.”

Donald’s hearing loss was causing him lots of anxiety.

He says he was “pretty much afraid of my future” and prior to visiting Provincial Hearing, he had “personal fears” and was concerned about “money availability.”

Fortunately, the team at Provincial Hearing did a good job in reassuring him, and he was happy with his appointment “right down to getting the tests and the confidence in personnel.”

For Donald, overcoming his fears was well worth it. “My life is near normal. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to handle without the hearing aid,” he acknowledges.

He rates Provincial Hearing a 10/10 and advises others, “You owe it to yourself to visit Provincial. It can change your life in so many good ways.”

– Donald Oriel Nason


“I personally will never go anywhere else.”

Christine was struggling with tinnitus, which eventually led her to visiting Provincial Hearing.

She recalls, “I was 19 years old and was having problems with ringing in my ear. I went to an ENT doctor who determined that I had otosclerosis, which caused hearing loss, and I was going to need a hearing aid. I was heartbroken. I was really concerned about how a hearing aid would look and wondering if it would be worth the cost.”

Christine turned to Provincial Hearing for treatment and she doesn’t regret her decision. “At Provincial Hearing, they were so kind and reassuring. They went out of their way to make sure that I was happy with the hearing aid and were able to work with me to make payments so that I could afford it,” she says.

Relieved to find the help she needed, Christine reflects on the difference her hearing aids have made to her life. “I now have two hearing aids, both from Provincial Hearing. It has absolutely changed my life for the better. It has helped to stop the ringing in my ears and I can hear people! It has given me more confidence going into group situations.”

Recalling how difficult life was before she was fitted with hearing aids, she says, “Before, I would have difficulty following conversations and after saying, ‘Excuse me? Could you repeat that? I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you,’ like 100 times or guess what they said and often respond wrong, I would leave feeling horrible, self-conscious and not wanting to be around people. Now, I am usually in the middle of the conversation, feel confident and have lost the social anxiety that came with the hearing loss.”

Christine rates Provincial Hearing a 10/10 and offers these words of wisdom to potential patients: “I highly recommend having your hearing checked and making the investment in yourself to get a hearing aid if needed. You deserve to be part of the conversation and to live your best life. The staff at Provincial Hearing are absolutely wonderful, and I personally will never go anywhere else.”

– Christine Fedora


“Book a visit!”

Andre’s hearing loss was gradual, like hearing loss often is, but then he says, “It got to the point where I could not hear student questions in class.”

This prompted Andre to visit Provincial Hearing where he was “happy with them from the start.” Following a comprehensive hearing assessment and an in-depth conversation about his listening preferences and lifestyle, Andre was fitted with hearing aids.

Now, he finds they have improved his hearing tremendously – in and out of the classroom. He notes how “I was able to hear student questions” again.

Giving Provincial Hearing a 10/10 rating, he urges, “Book a visit!”

– Andre Trudel


“Definitely try it out.”

When David’s hearing loss became too challenging, he turned to Provincial Hearing for help.

At his first appointment, he had a comprehensive hearing assessment where he immediately found out his results. Before being fitted for a hearing aid, he shared his concerns, preferences, and lifestyle to ensure a perfect hearing aid match.

Now with his new hearing aids, David says it is “much easier to communicate” for him and he is happy with his results.

Rating Provincial Hearing a 10/10, he suggest to others, “Definitely try it out.”

– David


“They are amazing.”

“Prior to visiting Provincial Hearing in Kentville, I had no fears or concerns. In fact, my first impressions were really, really good. I give my experience with them 100% … 101%. It’s been brilliant.

“My husband’s new hearing aids have been really good. Yeah, it benefits him. He finds it easier to interact with people now.

“To anyone considering addressing their hearing challenges and visiting Provincial Hearing, I would tell them to go because they are amazing. The girls from answering the phone to the girl that helps us is just … I can’t say enough good things about them.”

– Mrs. Patterson


“Great customer service”

When it comes to hearing healthcare, ongoing support is everything.

Anonymous is grateful for the care they received at Provincial Hearing before, during and after their hearing aids were placed inside their ears.

Anonymous says, “Thank you to Provincial Hearing for their professional and prompt care.”

They especially liked the “great customer service showing top priority is their customer’s care and satisfaction.”

Delighted with their new hearing aids, Anonymous noted that having aftercare is important whenever it is needed, saying, “Great to know that local service is just a phone call away,” before adding that the care they received at Provincial Hearing “might have saved my marriage – lol!”.

– Anonymous

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