From joining the audiology industry as a secretary to being the first Canadian president of the International Hearing Society, our CEO Annette Cross has spent her 33 years working in the field making sure that every patient she saw had an excellent, comfortable experience.

Annette purchased Provincial Hearing from owner Don Allen in 1997 and has since grown the business to three more locations as one of the oldest family-owned clinics in Nova Scotia. An integral part of our team, Annette has always been an advocate for hearing instrument specialists, audiologists and the importance of hearing care – not just in Canada but worldwide.

With the Starkey Hearing Foundation, Annette has been on nine volunteer missions across the globe, including China, Egypt, El Salvador, Jamaica, Kenya, Panama and Turkey. It was with these amazing volunteer experiences that Annette found her passion for seeing how people’s lives open up through the gift of better hearing.

Dedicated to her work and passionate about the latest advancements in the hearing industry, Annette is an integral part of our team; we’re so grateful for her hard work over the years here at Provincial Hearing.

54 Years of Provincial Hearing

We opened our doors in 1970 with a dedication to providing quality, professional hearing care to every person that visited us. Back then, we were a small clinic with a dream – today, in 2024, we’re delighted to celebrate our 54th anniversary as the oldest independently run hearing care clinic in Nova Scotia.

For over fifty years, we’ve made sure that residents of Nova Scotia received the best of the best when it comes to hearing care and treating hearing loss challenges. You benefit from a team of highly trained professionals with plentiful experience in providing hearing care solutions like comprehensive hearing assessments, tinnitus treatments and prescription hearing aid technology.

That’s why, to celebrate our anniversary and to look forward to many more years of top-tier hearing care, we’re launching the Gift of Better Hearing giveaway this summer.

The Gift of Better Hearing Giveaway

To give back to the members of our amazing community, we’re offering one lucky winner the chance to receive a complimentary hearing assessment and hearing aids – for free.

The Gift of Better Hearing serves to help residents across Nova Scotia who cannot acquire the hearing care they need, whether it be due to putting others first or financial constraints holding them back.

Helping people rejoin the conversations they’ve been missing and connect with the loved ones and environments they need to hear is part of why we do what we do.

Hearing loss is much more common than many people realize; if you know someone suffering with a hearing challenge, make sure to put them forward for this life-changing opportunity.

Visit our website to nominate someone for the Gift of Better Hearing throughout the rest of June. On June 30, nominations will close, and we’ll pick a winner.

Good luck and thank you in advance for joining in!

​Concerned about Your Hearing?

If you or a loved one has noticed hearing loss challenges recently or think you might need professional advice regarding your ears, we’re here to help for every step of the way.

Please feel free to request a callback from us, and a member of our team will get in touch to answer questions or alleviate concerns you may have.

Don’t want to wait? Find your closest clinic and contact us over the phone to get started on your hearing health journey today.

Start Your Hearing Health Journey Here

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Annette Cross, BC-HIS CEO and President of Provincial Hearing

Annette grew up in a farming family and was familiar with hearing loss because it was in her family. Finding hearing care very interesting, and after gaining more than 10 years of management experience, she started working in the industry in 1992 as a secretary. Her passion and dedication to help enhance lives through better hearing has only grown more since those days. In 1997, Annette had the opportunity to purchase Provincial Hearing from owner Don Allen. Since then, she has grown the business to three locations — Bridgewater, Truro, and Kentville. Provincial Hearing is proud to be one of the oldest locally/family-owned clinics in Nova Scotia, and Annette contributes the clinics’ success to her team’s provision of honest, personalized patient care and their desire to always stay on top of the latest advancements in the hearing industry.