There is a lot of info to take in when you are first fit with hearing aids, including learning how to clean and care for them so they last for many years.

I always tell my patients, “If you take care of your hearing aids, they will take care of you.” Below, I’ve written some tips for you to make sure this happens.

Tell-Tale Signs That Your Hearing Aids Need Attention

Failing to maintain your hearing aids can cause the following things to happen:

  • Sounds are distorted or quieter. Words sound dull or muffled rather than crisp.
  • You might hear squealing or whistling feedback.
  • They fail to work.
  • The hearing aid case or earmould looks damaged.

How To Care For Your Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids need to get a basic clean every day. Most people do this at night, but a few prefer to clean them in the morning because the earwax has dried more on them.

Tools Needed

  • A soft cloth or sanitizing wipes
  • A cleaning brush – like a soft toothbrush
  • Wax filters and domes
  • A wax pick
  • A dehumidifier

Be sure to avoid using any harsh cleaning chemicals on your hearing aids, or even water, as these can damage the hearing aid technology.

Find Out More About The Hearing Aid Care Accessories We Provide

Cleaning Process

  • Every day – brush off any wax and debris with the brush we provide or a soft toothbrush and wipe all sides of the hearing aids down with the soft cloth.
  • Every night – use this time to dry out any trapped moisture in the hearing aids. Leave the battery door open if you have battery-operated hearing aids or place them in the dehumidifying device that was recommended.
  • Every month – Check to see if the wax filters or guards are full and see if the domes are cracked or damaged. Replace as necessary.

If your hearing aid comes with an app, run the monthly diagnostic test they provide.

  • All the time – Avoid having your hearing aids in extreme temperatures because this causes moisture and condensation buildup, and high heat or cold and UV rays can damage the hearing aid mechanisms.

When not wearing your hearing aids, keep them turned off in a cool, dry place – such as a dehumidifier, or charge them in the charging station that came with your hearing aids.

Provincial Hearing’s Clean And Check Service

We provide a clean and check service for all our patients. We’ll do a deep clean on your hearing aids and check for anything that might need to be replaced or repaired.

We also offer this to non-patients for an affordable price.

Drop yours off with us every three to six months to keep them well maintained. Book your clean and check here.

Need Your Hearing Aids Cleaned Or Repaired? Schedule A Clean And Check Here

If Your Hearing Aids Aren’t Working Properly

Drop them off at Provincial Hearing so we can do a clean and check. We have more powerful cleaning equipment, and we can do a lot of small repairs here.

If everything look good on the devices, it could be that your hearing has changed. You can book a new hearing test to assess the changes, and then we can reprogram and adjust your hearing aids to match.

If your hearing aids need to be repaired by the manufacturer, we’ll send them on for you. Cost-wise, the repairs might be covered by your warranty, but we’ll give you an estimate over the phone re what’s covered.

While your hearing aids are being repaired, we can loan you a pair so you don’t have to go without. While we can’t promise you the same model, we can certainly loan you a similar pair.

When you keep your hearing aids in top shape, your hearing thanks you. Anytime you suspect a problem, let us know and we’ll help you get them working again.

Call or email us with any questions. We’re here to help.

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Annette Cross, BC-HIS CEO and President of Provincial Hearing

Annette grew up in a farming family and was familiar with hearing loss because it was in her family. Finding hearing care very interesting, and after gaining more than 10 years of management experience, she started working in the industry in 1992 as a secretary. Her passion and dedication to help enhance lives through better hearing has only grown more since those days. In 1997, Annette had the opportunity to purchase Provincial Hearing from owner Don Allen. Since then, she has grown the business to three locations — Bridgewater, Truro, and Kentville. Provincial Hearing is proud to be one of the oldest locally/family-owned clinics in Nova Scotia, and Annette contributes the clinics’ success to her team’s provision of honest, personalized patient care and their desire to always stay on top of the latest advancements in the hearing industry.