Unitron Hearing Aids

The focus of Unitron’s innovative hearing devices is on helping to mend broken relationships and strengthening your ability to communicate with those around you. Canadian-based Unitron started in the age of analog instruments before digital technology became the norm after the turn of the century, but in the digital age, the company had developed into a global leader in digital innovations.

Awards like Red Dot’s Best of the Best Award for their Moxi Now device, the world’s smallest wireless RIC (receiver-in-canal) hearing instrument that provides cutting-edge solutions to address background noise and sound level challenges, is an example of how Unitron is on the cutting edge of the hearing aid manufacturing industry.

The company’s success has made it possible for them to develop a large network of distribution partners in 70 countries worldwide through their 20 international offices, making Unitron a major player in the hearing technology industry.

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Sound Processing by Unitron

Sound processing that makes use of AntiShock, SmartFocus, SoundNav, Sound Conductor and SpeechZone 2 technologies helps Unitron to guarantee the sound quality and responsiveness of their hearing aids in order to preserve speech and make it more intelligible.

A hearing aid model by Unitron

Unitron’s Hearing Aid Features

With connectivity features, users can link their hearing aids with their smartphones and other digital devices by using Insight technology. When combined with their Remote Plus app, hearing aid wearers can send hearing aid data and listening experience feedback to their hearing care provider to help with tech support, troubleshooting and to make programming adjustments from any remote location.

Unitron’s Flex program, which allows new hearing aid wearers to try out hearing aids that are calibrated for their specific hearing challenges before they buy them, is the only one of its kind among hearing aid manufacturers.

Patient-Centred Hearing Aid Repair Service at Provincial Hearing

Unitron hearing aids provide an advanced technology solution for those experiencing a hearing loss. Provincial Hearing supports those who own and wear Unitron hearing aids as well as individuals who use hearing aids manufactured by Widex, Oticon, Phonak and others with troubleshooting, maintenance and hearing aid repair.

One of the main advantages of choosing Provincial Hearing to provide hearing care rather than purchasing your device from a hearing aid dispenser, online or over the counter in a big box store is the ongoing, trusted and personalized care we provide. With support, encouragement and personalized care provided by Nova Scotia’s hearing care leader, you not only achieve better hearing, but we also help enhance your quality of life.

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