Sonic Hearing Aids

Sonic hearing aids were founded on the expertise of a group of scientists and engineers that specialize in sonar systems, digital mastering and microelectronics.

Using their 4S approach to the design and development of hearing aid technology, which includes sound that is natural, speech clarity in noise, simplicity in design and style that stands out, Sonic grew to become a well-known hearing aid producer.

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Sound Processing by Sonic

Digital signal processing (DSP) technology was already in place when the Sonic brand launched. Building upon the success of their innovation, the company produced the Natura computer chip, which made it possible to produce a distinction between conversations and background noise by using Sonic’s nine-channel, digital processing system.

Sonic sound processing capacity produces the only hearing aids that can be programmed in half-octave increments, allowing hearing care providers to dial in on your exact hearing profile, leading to a higher level of sound clarity to address user-specific hearing challenges.

A hearing aid model by Sonic

Sonic’s Hearing Aid Features

Available in a wide range of BTE, ITE, ITC, mini-canal (MC) and CIC styles, Sonic hearing aids come with either standard batteries or rechargeable configurations.

Other powerful features included in Sonic hearing aids are iPhone and Android connectivity and SoundLink Connect, which allows hearing aid wearers to provide hearing aid experience feedback to their hearing care provider in order to receive real-time fitting, programming and adjustment support from anywhere in the world.

Patient-Centred Hearing Aid Repair Service at Provincial Hearing

Sonic hearing aids provide an advanced technology solution for those experiencing a hearing loss. Provincial Hearing supports those who own and wear Sonic hearing aids as well as individuals who use hearing aids manufactured by Unitron, Widex, Oticon and others with troubleshooting, maintenance and hearing aid repair.

One of the main advantages of choosing Provincial Hearing to provide hearing care rather than purchasing your device from a hearing aid dispenser, online or over the counter in a big box store is the ongoing, trusted and personalized care we provide. With support, encouragement and personalized care provided by Nova Scotia’s hearing care leader, you not only achieve better hearing, but we also help enhance your quality of life.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a hearing loss, or you need tech support from one of our hearing aid experts, then use the form below to contact the Truro, Bridgewater or Kentville hearing centre nearest you.

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