ReSound Hearing Aids

According to ReSound’s philosophy, “Rediscovering your hearing leads to a richer, more active and fulfilling lifestyle.” The company’s commitment to innovation in order to achieve a more fulfilling lifestyle has made them one of the most recognized names in the hearing aid industry, delivering better hearing solutions in more than 80 countries.

Part of the GN Group, a global leader in intelligent audio solutions, ReSound plays an essential role in the design and production of medical, professional and consumer audio solutions as well as the manufacturing and distribution of med-tech, hearables and intelligent audio products.

ReSound produced the first open-standard digital chip in 1992, which helped improve programming flexibility. This innovation was the foundation for their 2003 ReSound AIR open fit design, which was built to produce more natural sound while limiting the discomfort of a plugged ear canal.

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Sound Processing by ReSound

Hearing solutions that perfectly fit your life instead of requiring you to fit your life around your hearing challenges is how ReSound helps to balance nature and science in perfect harmony. ReSound’s Organic Hearing designs deliver some of the most intuitive and natural hearing solutions, which work with your unique ear anatomy to deliver a whole sound picture that mimics how sound enters your ears and is delivered to your brain.

With the company’s Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC) system to adjust sound input intensity and Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS) to eliminate issues with howling (feedback) and distortion, hearing aid users are able to select the sounds they want to hear and limit or eliminate those they don’t.

A hearing aid model by ReSound

ReSound’s Hearing Aid Features

The cutting-edge nano and micro-digital technology used in ReSound hearing aids makes them smaller, lighter and capable of enhancing sound quality, clarity and processing performance by using features such as:

  • Easy adjustment, even in noisy, challenging and fluid listening environments
  • Natural sound with reduced wind noise
  • Improved speech processing and isolation from the surrounding environment
  • Quick charging for up to three days
  • Bluetooth (2.4 GHz) technology that allows you to link your hearing aids with your iPhone, Android or other digital devices
  • The Remote Assist app, allows access to your hearing care provider for programming adjustment and ongoing counselling from anywhere

Patient-Centred Hearing Aid Repair Service at Provincial Hearing

ReSound hearing aids provide an advanced technology solution for those experiencing a hearing loss. Provincial Hearing supports those who own and wear ReSound hearing aids as well as individuals who use hearing aids manufactured by Siemens, Signia, Sivantos and others with troubleshooting, maintenance and hearing aid repair.

One of the main advantages of choosing Provincial Hearing to provide hearing care rather than purchasing your device from a hearing aid dispenser, online or over the counter in a big box store is the ongoing, trusted and personalized care we provide. With support, encouragement and personalized care provided by Nova Scotia’s hearing care leader, you not only achieve better hearing, but we also help enhance your quality of life.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a hearing loss, or you need tech support from one of our hearing aid experts, then use the form below to contact the Truro, Bridgewater or Kentville hearing centre nearest you.

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