Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon released the world’s first electric Acousticon hearing device in 1904, launching the company into the hearing aid manufacturing industry. The company’s partnership with Charles Lehman created the American-Danish Oticon Corporation, which established itself as a leading provider of hearing aids after World War II, becoming a worldwide leader by 1965.

The company’s first in-the-ear (ITE) hearing device, released in 1977, and its first digital device in 1996 were benchmarks of their 20th century success. In the 21st century, improving sound sensitivity along with streaming and connectivity features have been innovations included in their hearing aids since 2007.

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Sound Processing by Oticon

Oticon’s Brain Hearing concept, which includes the design, development and production of technology that supports how the brain processes sound and speech to derive meaning instead of just amplifying sound, has been the focus of the company’s innovations in this century.

Oticon hearing aids use the Opn technology platform, which allows hearing aid wearers to enjoy the capacity to distinguish between multiple speakers within a noisy environment, while micro-digital and nano-digital technology innovations have allowed for smaller, lighter and more discreet hearing devices without sacrificing sound quality, voice clarity and performance.

A hearing aid model by Oticon

Oticon’s Hearing Aid Features

Oticon hearing aids come with a variety of advanced features, including:

  • Two communication systems operating within one hearing aid, one directing communication between hearing aids in order to improve spatial awareness and the other facilitating wireless connectivity with external digital devices
  • Bluetooth® compatible hearing aids featuring an integrated sound generator that includes personalized masking to meet the specific needs of those with tinnitus
  • The capacity to preprogram personalized settings for various sound environments according to personal preferences
  • Clear, transparent sound quality and speech details that enhance your ability to understand speech in soft to loud noise with less effort or distinguish between multiple speakers competing for your attention
  • Expanded input dynamic range which helps eliminate distortion in challenging listening environments
  • Oticon’s Genie app, which includes fitting and counselling tools that facilitate improved fitting and provide for ongoing counselling and support no matter where you are.

Patient-Centred Hearing Aid Repair Service at Provincial Hearing

Oticon hearing aids provide an advanced technology solution for those experiencing a hearing loss. Provincial Hearing supports those who own and wear Oticon hearing aids as well as individuals who use hearing aids manufactured by Phonak, ReSound, Siemens and others with troubleshooting, maintenance and hearing aid repair.

One of the main advantages of choosing Provincial Hearing to provide hearing care rather than purchasing your device from a hearing aid dispenser, online or over the counter in a big box store is the ongoing, trusted and personalized care we provide. With support, encouragement and personalized care provided by Nova Scotia’s hearing care leader, you not only achieve better hearing, but we also help enhance your quality of life.

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