Giving Back

Better Hearing Is Our Passion

We earn a living by helping individuals in our community achieve better hearing but making sure that those around us enjoy hearing what they love goes beyond that.

Seeing people reclaim a rewarding lifestyle, restore strained relationships, and become more active and independent thanks to better hearing is what motivates our team of experts to get out of bed in the morning, drives us to continue educating ourselves, and spurs us to reach beyond our borders to help others.

Provincial Hearing’s Everyone Hears Program

Better hearing is our passion and there’s nothing more rewarding than being able to give the gift of hearing to those who are less fortunate. For this reason, Provincial Hearing established a program we call Everyone Hears.

Our patients and individuals in our community play a major role in the Everyone Hears program by donating their hearing aids when they upgrade. After our team of hearing aid techs do whatever is needed to optimize the performance of these donated hearing aids, they are given to individuals who need hearing aids but do not have the resources to purchase them.

In addition to hearing aid donations, a portion of the proceeds from each Starkey hearing aid sold is also added into the program thanks to our partnership with Starkey Hearing Aids. Essentially, for each ten units sold, we can provide a hearing aid for someone who can’t afford it.

Since the outset of the program, more than 50 people have benefited from the generosity of our patients through the Everyone Hears program. We encourage you, even if you’re not one of our patients, to consider donating your used hearing aids in order to help those less fortunate enjoy the gift of hearing.

Reaching Beyond Our Borders

Helping people enjoy better hearing goes beyond our communities in Nova Scotia as well as Canada. For more than 15 years, Provincial Hearing CEO, Annette Cross, has participated in more than a dozen missions abroad as a part of Starkey Hearing Foundation.

As part of a team of Canadian hearing care experts, Annette has represented Provincial Hearing and the people of the communities we serve on several missions to El Salvador where they refer to us as “hearing angels.”

You will understand part of what drives her passion to bring the gift of hearing to others when you see the joy of a little boy in Kenya who is able to hear for the first time.

The opportunity and the capacity to give back to our local community as well as the larger world community would not be possible without the generous donations provided by our patients and compassionate members of our community who help us deliver the gift of hearing to those less fortunate.

Contact us to learn how you can help support our efforts to give the gift of better hearing.

Annette Cross, BC-HIS CEO and President of Provincial Hearing helping a little boy
Annette Cross smiling with a teen hearing aid receiver during a giving back mission
Annette Cross with a gentlemen with hearing loss problems smiling together
Annette Cross with a little girl wearing hearing aids during a giving back trip

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